[Edit: I saw this taped up on the wall next to the office I obviously used as a reference here. Glad you liked it, tech person!]

`%0`; is a beautifully succinct and wholly deleterious Perl program. It simply launches another instance of itself ad infinitum until, after billions of tiny nibbles, all the system memory has been eaten up. And if you were to run this on one of UTD's centralized UNIX systems...

My friend Warren told me about this program. I think it was pretty cruel of him, as I'd just told him how deathly afraid I am of angering those Information Resources demigods I've heard so much about.

It's like telling an extremely curious person - with a healthy fear of authority, mind you - just exactly how to break into a police cruiser. And as you walk away, out of the corner of your eye you can see them staring, unusually wistfully, at the belighted Crown Vic parked nearby.