About the Comic

Black & White began in 2003 as some doodles in a Dallas, Texas high school paper. Later, it satirized hot topics on campus in the newspapers of The University of Texas at Dallas (heavily inspired by John Allison).

In 2008, when the author moved to San Francisco for grad school, it changed format to a diary comic (heavily inspired by James Kochalka) and managed to run daily in early 2009. As the author moved back to Dallas, he fell off the comics wagon.

After a 15-year hiatus, the comic was resurrected in 2024 to chronicle another half-cross-country move, this time to Philadelphia, and is crossposted to Instagram as the author still believes that to be where all the cool kids are.


Me and  the  a president.

About the Author

I’m a software developer, horologist, musician, and illustrator. Find me elsewhere online as @clockspot.

Why a Dog

I really liked Dalmatians as a high schooler (I even volunteered at a Dalmatian rescue shelter to boost my college applications). The early strips try to pass him off as a character called “Percy” whose adventures closely mirrored my own, but that pretense has been dropped by now, having leant well into James Kochalka-style semi-alter-ego comicking. And after all, I'm (still) not great at drawing people.

About the Website Header

Those were the original tools, but the graphite pencil was abandoned in favor of a non-scanning blue pencil; inking moved to Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens; ink mistakes were fixed with Photoshop rather than whiteout; and my wobbly freehand lines got straight enough to forego the ruler. As of 2024, the whole lot was dumped in favor of an iPad mini with a Paperlike screen protector. The watch (a nod to my horology hobby) once had ticking hands done in Flash, circa 2006; they may return once I figure out <canvas>.

Horn Tootings

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