About the Comic

Black & White began in 2003 as some doodles in a Dallas, Texas high school paper. Later, it satirized hot topics on campus in the newspapers of The University of Texas at Dallas. In 2008 it changed format, becoming an online daily(ish) (cough cough James Kochalka).


Me and the president.

About the Dog

I’m a graduate student in Dallas, Texas (as of 2009). My real-world counterpart is this guy. You can email me here.

About the Website

This thing runs on a PHP/MySQL engine that I wrote myself. I am kind of astonished it still works.

Comics appear two days late, allowing a day for drawing and uploading.

Why the Website Header is a Lie

The graphite pencil was abandoned in favor of a non-scanning blue pencil. Ink mistakes are fixed with Photoshop rather than whiteout. Instead of a brush and gel pen, the line drawings and lettering are now done with Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens, Pilot Fineliners, or any other felt tip that happens to be at hand. And I stopped using the ruler because my freehand lines are straight enough, but still a bit wobbly for a nice organic quality. I think about this kind of thing too much.

Horn Tootings

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