Once again, in an effort to set the record straight about Percy and me not being the same person: I did just get a job. And I did get lost downtown. And I do frequently drive the wrong way on one-way streets, especially while lost downtown. But not this week! And I doubt Percy found a job doing 3D modeling for an architecture firm by scouring the classifieds. And besides, as you can see, Percy drives a white 1983 Volvo 240, whereas I drive a white 1983 Mercedes 240. See?

[Edit: Lame excuse!]

I always know when I've spent too much time on something, because it turns out so well that, when I'm finished, I can't help but steal narcissistic glances at my work every chance I get. It's my New Favorite Thing. I leave it open on the computer and print out a copy and put it on the fridge. Today's comic is one of those. I hope you like it as much as I do (and that you find it was worth the time it took to make it!).